Decision Modeling with DMN

Harness Data-Driven Decisions



Build Agile Decision Requirements

  • Build diagrams to quickly show requirements
  • Sketch or create as you need to
  • Find and reuse objects across the organization
  • Import your existing information quickly and easily

Connect Business Decisions to Business Systems

  • Put decisions into context – processes, systems, events
  • Drill down to the level you need
  • Share online or generate requirements documents
  • Get the right stakeholders involved throughout

Collaborate Across Silos and Locations

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Social powered and collaborative
  • Multiple perspectives from business to IT and analytics
  • Comment as and when you need to

Integrate with Your Methodology, Architecture and Landscape

  • Define your own approach to completeness
  • Document your requirements at the level that makes sense for your project
  • Link to other systems and information when you need to
  • Use the right mix of techniques and approaches for your own project

What Users Are Saying

DecisionsFirst Modeler is an outstanding decision management tool which allows you to examine and understand your processes and easily deconstruct key decisions while focusing on business objectives. A tool furthermore which doesn't require long hours of study to work effectively due to the intuitive design and helpful hints.