About DecisionsFirst Modeler


DecisionsFirst Modeler is a collaborative decision modeling solution that makes it easy to model decisions as part of your requirements process. It is based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard to future proof your decision models and skills.

Decision modeling is the proven approach to system design and requirements gathering for systems that meet the needs of today’s organizations to be more flexible, analytical and customer driven. Decision modeling aligns processes and data in an optimal way.

Goals, processes and data come together in an easy to understand graphical interface supported by a logical structure, with clear integration points for business rules and analytics.

DecisionsFirst Modeler is from Decision Management Solutions, the experts in Decision Management and Decision Modeling. Decision Management Solutions is one of the original submitters of the Decision Modeling and Notation (DMN) standard. Other key contributors include FICO, IBM and Oracle. Decision Management Solutions is also a member of the OneDecision.io Consortium.

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