Client Testimonials

Decision modeling with DMN is the cornerstone technique for driving a truly digital business.

A North American Group-Life Insurer was adopting a business rules management system (BRMS) as part of a major legacy modernization effort. The focus on decision management and on modeling the decisions buried in their business processes simplified and streamlined their rule capture and documentation initiative.

Decision modeling bridges the gap between predictive analytics results and the business value. By focusing on business needs first, decision requirements models ensure the right analytics get developed and clearly identify information and knowledge to effectively position analytics for success.

A North American insurance company’s analytics team needed a more effective way to define business requirements for a multi-region analytics project. Decision modeling put the predictive analytic solution into a user-centric context, allowing end users to effectively use the analytic and improve fraud detection in their decision-making. The decision model was easily shared with subsequent analytic projects to collaborate with their business partners earlier and more effectively, speeding deployment.

Using existing tools and technologies to capture decision requirements is an exercise in frustration. Tying decision-making to business results is ad-hoc at best. Documenting process designs, use cases, requirements and business rules results in incomplete, disconnected and superficial models of decision-making. Only decision modeling empowers you to truly drive digital processes for transformative operational efficiency gains.

A major financial institution was developing requirements for a new system to automate financial products contract compliance. Using DecisionsFirst Modeler they were able to develop more accurate requirements more rapidly, engaging domain experts and business analysts throughout the project. The shared repository improved reuse, further accelerating time to value for the project.

What people are saying about DecisionsFirst Modeler:

"In one short meeting DecisionsFirst Modeler allowed us to identify what could be reused, quickly see what had to be changed, and immediately add the new elements. What we thought was a week of work got done in a few hours."
"DecisionsFirst Modeler is an outstanding decision management tool which allows you to examine and understand your processes and easily deconstruct key decisions while focusing on business objectives. A tool furthermore, which doesn’t require long hours of study to work effectively due to the intuitive design and helpful hints."
We had good interactions with the business team – they were able to see the diagram, understand what it was saying, and give input and make corrections. It was much more interactive than previous attempts to gather requirements from them."
"DecisionsFirst Modeler helps solve the “big bag of rules” problem – it’s great to have a tool that starts with decisions."